From lawyers, writers and celebrities to entertainment executives, families and retirees, an eclectic group of people call Doheny Estates home.

While diverse in many ways, residents are united by their desire for peace and privacy and pride that they are part of one of the premier residential communities in Los Angeles.

Doheny Estates is an easy place to fall in love with…it offers a convenient location, beautiful, protected views, limited traffic flow, low crime and a sense of community.  Most people who buy here, wind up staying here for a long time… a good number of current homeowners have called Doheny Estates “home” for five years or longer.

We welcome new residents who respect and abide within the community standards as outlined in our CC&R’s and encourage current residents to stay involved in their neighborhood.  We hope you will visit this site often to learn about what is happening in Doheny Estates and to make it an even better place to live