Security Patrol Program


In our commitment to ensuring safety and reducing crime within the HOA, the SDHA has contracted with Southwest Security for a regular security patrol within the neighborhood. With a car dedicated to our community, the patrol is never more than mere minutes from any subscriber’s residence. A unique aspect of this program is that during every shift the patrol car stages in front of a participant’s property and at other times is situated in highly visible locations in the neighborhood. This sends a strong message to would be criminals. Subscribers also have direct access to the patrol officer’s cell number for instant communication at all times during his shift. Other added benefits of the program include:

·       The ability to call on the patrol officer to respond to any situation within the coverage hours at no additional cost. The patrol officer can call LAPD so you don’t have to.

·       Patrol escort to your door should you feel unsafe.                           

·       Requested foot patrols of your property.

·       Property checks of your residence during vacations. While you’re away the security detail can address any situations that makes the property look unoccupied like moving packages or papers. Subscribers can also request that the officer contact them if something is amiss.

·       A security sign posted on your property indicating participation in the program

·      A patrol car left parked in the neighborhood during off hours for added security presence.    

·      Access to the officer’s daily log detailing his activities and noting any incidents during his shift

·       Alarm monitoring arrangements. The can be made through a Southwest subsidiary or you can have your current company notify Southwest if your alarm is triggered.  Southwest can respond far more rapidly than most companies or the LAPD.  Southwest responds to alarms at subscribers homes at no additional cost during coverage hours.

·       All services are free during coverage hours.  Help is available after hours for a 65.00 service charge.


Currently the patrol operates in eight hours shifts for six days a week. Please contact us for the specific days/times.


·       The cost of the Program per participant is $300 per month which covers the cost of the patrol car and associated expenses. The SDHA will charge participants’ credit cards at the beginning of each month after the initial recurring payment is set up.  All revenue will go directly to Program costs.

·       Prior to making your first payment, you must agree to the Terms of Service.

·       To join the Program, email to arrange for the $300 payment for the initial patrol period.

·       As more neighbors join the Program, we can consider expanding coverage hours and/or reducing monthly costs.


To be eligible to participate in the Program, you must be a resident or property owner within the boundaries of the Sunset Doheny Homes Association (see link to map).