Protecting and maintaining the views for all residents, while using landscaping to beautify and enhance the character of Doheny Estates is a priority in this community.  The CC&R’s clearly stipulate the expectations for homeowners and additional landscape guidelines have been formulated to further detail what is and is not permitted in this domain.  Doheny Estates is a high fire area and so by following these rules you are not only safeguarding your investment, but also that of the entire neighborhood.

While we hope that you will find the answers to all of your questions here, Shelley Sparks, a professional landscaper and author is employed by the Association to answer questions and offer suggestions/advice on how to comply with the landscape requirements as well as ways to beautify your property.  She can be reached at


  • Landscape plans required in additions to construction drawings
  • Shall follow Landscape Guidelines
  • Subject to approval by the Landscape Committee
  • Landscape Plans will be reviewed by our Landscape Architect consultant

Please email all plans as PDF files to